Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Murder and mayhem at the Vigilant

These last two weeks at the Vigilant the bugs have resurfaced for spring, only to be hit with more cold weather; but they are regrouping in the woodwork, out of which they will emerge. So be ready New York, this breeding ground of bloodsuckers is getting ready to send out its troops. While the bugs moulted and hibernated, much was going on with their human hosts. One man was set to be evicted, but I stepped in and advised him of his rights and told him he may well be severely overcharged. So he looked into it and stood his ground. The management tried their best to get him to leave, offering him $1,000, but he declined. We went to dinner and came back around 7pm to find police in the building. At first I thought they had called them to evict him, which would not be legal; but instead I found that a friend of mine had committed suicide. So one man got to stay, another left for good... The next week cops were called again, this time because someone wrote on the bathroom walls MURDER: ALBERT WAS MURDERED. I do not doubt that the owners are up to some nasty stuff, but murdering a tenant, even one who gave me information and once considered joining a rent strike, is beyond them. Maybe not morally, but murder takes a bit of planning, timing and bravado. The management can hardly keep paint on the walls, let alone slip into a room and force a tenant to swallow pills and leave a note. So no. This is one conspiracy theory I do not buy, but some may believe it. Maybe there is something I do not know, and it was suspicious that at the very time I was helping a tenant stand up to them another tenant passed away...but this world is full of coincidences. So I am not calling the police with mere speculations; which is what they are wont to do to, as every time some idiot writes on the bathroom wall or a toilet jams they call the cops and point the finger at me. Some detective is getting quite a file. I just hope he has the same view towards evidence of a crime that I do, and does not send the SWAT team to my door for that leaking loo on my floor...better to send a plumber and fix them all for a change. And oh, speaking of suspicions about crimes, I am not alone in thinking that this hotel is deliberately being used to breed bedbugs as an act of bioterrorism...but, without proof, I cannot call the NYPD. And it could well be just incompetence, apathy and greed. Which are not quite crimes in this city...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Borax recommended for use against bugs

In the New York Daily News, a letter by Howard Scott Pearlman extols Borax:

"Borax has the ability to get on insects' skin and then suck the moisture out of their bodies. If you do laundry with borax soap powder, your clothes and sheets get a borax residue on them. Unsuspecting bedbugs pick up that residue and take it back to their nests, where all their nasty little friends meet Mr. Borax, dry out and die. Borax soap powder can also be sprinkled on carpeting and left for days, providing you do not have small children or pets that will eat it."

27 January, 2011.

It may or may not work, I would assume that they would get hungrier (or thirstier...) and go for more blood...on average adults eat once a week. They can fast for over a year.

Vaguely I recall borax being illegal to use in New York as a powdered bug deterrent, but I am not sure. But this is worth knowing about. My own flat has seen a decrease in the bugs, which I attribute to more use of ziploc bags and therefore loss of habitat.

Also, is this a free ad for a product - or is it reality? I wonder if it only makes the critters hungry, and rather than dry out and die, they just go for more blood. At least Mr. Pearlman is not selling us on DDT.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 gallon zip loc bags

Today I found what I was looking for - 2 gallon zip loc bags - they were upstairs at Jack's on 32nd btw 6th and 7th - cost $1.99 for 15 of them, 2.7 ml heavy duty, 13 x 15 3/8". Great! I was able to put 5 books into one of these when I needed 5 1 gallon bags to do the job before...a pair of jeans its easily, and large stacks of papers, no problem. The bugs will lose out and I will have my stuff more secure.
Other shops have not paid any attention, so this is a real find. They are made by GAM Associates in Goshen, NY 10924 - and sold as the Nicole Home Collection.
So if you don't live near Jack's in Manhattan, try googling that information.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Next Media Animation mocks America's epidemic

Rewatching the Next Media Animation "Bedbugs take over America" cartoon, I noted it points to the EPA ban on propoxur and/or other pesticides as the reason for their spread. This not true - and it may show that there is some media plan to push pesticides on us - as in NY, where DDT is advocated by people like Howard Stern and Andrea Peyser. Watch the press carefully and see what they are really pushing, and even the blogosphere, where companies spend fortunes to convince us to buy chemicals....
Just seen: a spoof cartoon in Chinese? about bedbugs taking over New York City. It features Penn Station, which is near the infamous Vigilant...and it also features a cartoon character named Vigilante...its premise is that bedbugs are taking over NY, and a similar cartoon from the Orient is making outright fun of America as bedbugs are taking over...
It does make me wonder if maybe the owners of the Vigilant are not sabotage agents who are out to destroy New York or America, as they are in such flagrant contempt of court by refusing to even cover garbage cans that they are certainly aiding and abetting the enemy: Cimex lectularius.
Added to that, they evicted a US paratrooper, Chris Lugo, for trying to get rid of bedbugs the very first night they were there.
If New York had a normal mayor and normal housing court, the Vigilant would be dealt with. But this is a town full of spies...just ask Anna Chapman. So who knows, maybe America is under attack and no one cares, not even the New York papers who turned up their nose at the story...

While New York wastes time with deadly and useless chemicals to treat bedbugs (see previous post), New Haven in Connecticut has the solution. And excerpt from the New Haven Independent spells it out. Hopefully Bloomberg will get the hint or get impeached. I do not mind saying he is a stupid, incompetent jerk who is noted for having fondled his male interns. Don't like what I am saying then don't read my blog!

On Wednesday morning Housing Authority of New Haven (HANH) officials scheduled a pre-bid conference for contractors who would like to provide it with the Temp-Air-40kw Mobile Heat Treatment System and training in order to elminate bed bugs throughout city projects.

This equipment has already completely eliminated bed bugs at the Tower One and Tower Two senior developments, according to HANH Chief Operating Officer Renee Dobos,

“It’s a quick kill,” said Lee Purvis, the HANH staffer in charge of the project.

HANH officials said they haven’t experienced a spike or invasion of bed bugs. They want to get ahead of any new problem that might develop.

HANH did a pilot on eight apartments already. It worked, officials said. Each thermal radiation machine costs about $50,000; the HANH hopes to buy two.

Within six to nine months, Dobos said, all affected apartments in the system should be cleaned.

Harmful chemicals used in New York to combat bedbugs

The following is a list of the chemicals that Superb Pest is using at the Vigilant Hotel in NYC. It seems every time they spray there are more bugs! Some of these may well be harmful to humans. Most chemicals used in the industry do nothing to combat bedbugs, it is heat that gets them going. People spend lots of money on sprays, and this keeps useless chemicals in manufacture and useless people get wealthy. We may have a health problem on our hands in the future with all these pesticides in the environment.
One this for sure is, NYC is now a haven of bedbugs and it is losing its tourism industry. Places like the Vigilant Hotel are part of the cause, but the city does not have the wherewithal to close them down. Instead, it gets sprayed with chemicals that may add to the problem, and idiots are campaigning for DDT.

Tempo Sc
EPA # 432-1363 The active ingredient is beta-cyfluthrin, a new synthetic pyrethroid and one of the stereoisomers of cyfluthrin; it is a good insecticide for mosquito control. However, care should be exercised while using it as a larvicide in breeding habitats considering its toxicity to fish.
Gentrol EPA # 2724-351 The active ingredient is hydroprene, which interferes with normal juvenile hormone levels within the insect, creating an imbalance at critical periods in insect development and maturation.
Sterifab EPA # 397-13 Active ingredients are 3-phenoxybenzyl D-cis, trans 2.2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylpropenyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate, isopropyl alchohol, didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride n-alkyl and dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.
Ecopco D.x EPA # 67425-16 The active ingredient is 2-Phenethyl Propionate, a botanical insecticide, which all dealers refuse to sell to users in New York State.
Demon ultrawet powder EPA # 432-1304 The active ingredient is cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid used as an insecticide in large-scale commercial agricultural applications. It behaves as a fast-acting neurotoxin in insects. Cypermethrin is highly toxic to fish, bees and aquatic insects, according to the National Pesticides Telecommunications Network (NPTN).
Excessive exposure can cause nausea, headache, muscle weakness, salivation, shortness of breath and seizures.
D-force-Hpx EPA # 9444-217 The active ingredient is deltamethrin, which produces typical type II motor symptoms in mammals
. Type II symptoms include a writhing syndrome in rodents, as well as copious salivation. Acute exposure effects in humans include the following: ataxia, convulsions leading to muscle fibrillation and paralysis, dermatitis, edema, diarrhea, dyspnea, headache, hepatic microsomal enzyme induction, irritability, peripheral vascular collapse, rhinorrhea, serum alkaline phosphatase elevation, tinnitus, tremors, vomiting and death due to respiratory failure. Allergic reactions have included the following effects: anaphylaxis, bronchospasm, eosinophilia, fever, hypersensitivity pneumonia, pallor, pollinosis, sweating, sudden swelling of the face, eyelids, lips and mucous membranes, and tachycardia. Studies have shown many cases of dermal deltamethrin poisoning after agricultural use with inadequate handling precautions, and many cases of accidental or suicidal poisoning by the oral route at doses estimated to be 2- 250 mg/kg. Oral ingestion caused epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting and coarse muscular fasciculations. With doses of 100-250 mg/kg, coma was caused within 15-20 minutes.